Enzo’s Hideaway Lunch Review

I recently visited Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel bar in Disney Springs and was pleasantly surprised with the immersive tale told in this restaurant. Click through to read my entire review……..

Melissa and THE Mouse

After feasting our way through the holidays & being spoiled by all of the good food, we couldn’t just end our holiday week with McDonald’s. We had to have some gourmet, food at Walt Disney World. We chose to have lunch at Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar in Disney Springs. Contrary to the title, this family friendly atmosphere is stunning and tells an intriguing story that does not disappoint.

The story of this restaurant refers to Maria & Enzo’s Restaurante as well as The Edison in Disney Springs and it goes like this…

While inspecting the building prior to taking full ownership, Enzo discovered a long-hidden place below the terminal that connected to abandoned sections of the next-door power plant. To Enzo’s astonishment, he came across a Prohibition-era hideaway where a team of flying rum-runners once gathered. Evidence of smuggler activity remained, untouched for decades. Enzo decided that the space might…

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