Dinner Reservations Coming to ABC Commissary in Hollywood Studios

The ABC Commissary in Hollywood Studios will now be offering reservations for their quick service dinner meals. Will you make a reservation for this experience or do you prefer to walk in for counter service meals? Read through for more details.

Melissa and THE Mouse

There are some enchantments coming to the ABC Commissary restaurant in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This restaurant offers a quick-service lunch menu and a fast-casual dinner menu. Menu options include things like a Vegan Burger, a BBQ Rib Platter, a Teriyaki Bowl and more.

ABC Commissary in Hollywood Studios

Over the next few months the restaurant will be getting some new enhancements that include a self-serve beverage station & a new Art-Deco-inspired theme.

The major new addition will be optional reservations beginning on June 2, 2019 for meals starting at 4:00pm daily. This will be the second quick service restaurant to offer reservations, but they will not be required as they are at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom. Like Be Our Guest Restaurant, guests will place their order at the cash register, take a pager & their meal will be delivered to them once it is ready. With reservations at ABC Commissary guests will…

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